The black white combination is always IN

A favorite fashion choice is the dresses of these black skirts that easily paired with white pieces
February 22, 2017
Fashion in black and white combinations
July 15, 2017
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The black white combination is always IN

the black and white world, is the best description of the fashion statement of the writer Silvia Sixth. In her closet, pieces in black and white are dominant, and the writer interferes with them in unusual combinations that give rise to great attention.

At first ordinary and classic black and white pieces, they are connected in a refreshing and urban way, and unusual fashion details, such as striking jewelry, make Sylvia’s style unique and interesting.

Since the founding of Chanel, a fashion house that has made the game black-and-white with a timeless trend, there is probably no combination that is so classic and at the same time so elegant and effective. In the days when you are not sure what to wear or just want to get away from the colorful colors, it’s exactly the black and white styling that will be a great stylish shift. This spring wearing a simple white shirt and black pants replaced the wearing of leather trousers and white news, the narrow pencil skirts replaced sweeping models in combination with short white cannons, and the dresses were flooded with black and white triangles, circles and other interesting geometric shapes.

Black and white, although contrasting, are often the best friends. With black trousers or a skirt and a white shirt, it’s very hard to make a mistake, no matter where you find yourself. Ladies with style have also found many ways to make the combination of these two colors more interesting, and their black and white street style looks with the help of fashion accessories have become imaginative. One thing is certain, if you choose classic or eclectic, you can play these tones in the spring days in a variety of ways.

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