Black and white themselves rule each in their separate kingdoms

Light and darkness, yin and yang, good and bad, day and night
November 22, 2017
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Black and white themselves rule each in their separate kingdoms

The kingdom of white is the one in which all the wavelengths are reflected at the same time. Think of what white light is made of. What happens when it falls through the prism. Exactly. It’s all colored. Black, on the contrary, stands on the other side, not allowing any wavelength to escape.

Although the monolithic ones are themselves, this year they find their way to each other. Their embrace resulted in fantastic dress combinations and patterns with geometric motifs derived from this light and shadow game.

The catwalks, red carpets and cabinets known to have overwhelmed black and white garments. The big fashion houses decided this ever-present podton to put every good styling into focus. There is no better way to look elegant and dignified than this combination.

Try to break the seriousness of these colors by selecting an interesting sample. The strips and prints are monitored by a black and white horizon. If you are a lady in the best years, you can definitely decide to dress well-tailored black trousers with flat socks and a white shirt. Bring a silky scarf to this simple elegance for a gentle feminine, or put a striking piece of jewelry.

Young girls in this combination would look too serious. But do you like already timeless white shirts and want a new and interesting way of combining, why not try the trousers with a brave bubble print. Excellent black and white combination is a serious / fake dress with print. An unusual pattern, but a more serious cut, can lead you through all the situations, from the most serious to the most vulnerable. Just vary accessories or shoes.

Let’s say a dress up above the knees with a floral lace black and white print on the jacket and briefcase acts in business, and on high heels and a small black handbag in it you can greet the dawn. As far as the skirts are concerned, they are especially lovers to whom these colors have been nested. Wide, narrow, mini, midi, maxi, asymmetrical … it does not matter.

So the contradictions are appealing, and they have also liked this season. Get a couple of good pieces of interesting prints and a few monochrome pieces. If your budget is limited, we suggest you invest in streaks and well tailored black or white pants that you can combine with many other combinations. For example. striped shirt in combination with some of the ultramodern pastel colors. Enjoy your return to the black and white world!

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